Councıl and Wrıtıng Rules



- Language of paper is Turkish.

- Presented paper must not have been published anywhere before.

- Subject of paper should conform to content of council.

- Papers should be "original" in terms of method, subject and sources.

- Text of papers should be in A4 size and should not exceed 40 pages.

- Text of paper must be delivered to council secretariat before council date.

- Even if abstract is accepted, papers that do not pass approval of arbitration board and do not send full text on given date will not be included in council book.

-Papers should present a new knowledge and thesis in fields which is subject of council.

- Abstracts with a maximum of 250-500 words must be submitted until given date.

- Papers that has been approved by Referee Science Committee will be announced on web address




Preparing a Summary

- Abstracts should be prepared in Turkish and English.

- Abstracts should be prepared not to exceed 250 words excluding title and bibliography.

- At end of abstract, five keywords should be written about subject of study.

- Information about author / authors should not be included in abstract page.

- Abstract should be written on A4 size paper with a margin of 1.5 lines in 11 font Times New Roman font using 2.5 cm margins from  top, 2.5 cm from left, 2 cm from right and 2.5 cm from bottom.

- Summary text should be justified.

-Abstracts will be sent online at


Preparing Full Paper


- Full texts should contain following chapters or titles:

- Topic title

 (Under title) Author / Author´s Name Surname (Title, institution and e-mail address should be specified in footnote.) Author names should be written in italics on right side.


-Subject (titles, chapters, content, result, bibliography, attachments, etc.)

-Full text should be written on A4 size paper, with 1.5 line spacing, 11 font size and Times New Roman font, 2.5 cm from top, 2.5 cm from left, 2 cm from right and 2.5 cm from bottom.

- The text should be justified.

- While giving footnotes, classical footnote method should be used under page.

- Footnotes should appear on page which they pass on tables and graphics or following page.

-Tables and figures should be given titles and numbers, and titles should be above on tables and below figures and graphics.

- At end of paper and sources which use in text should be given in alphabetical order. Bibliography should be arranged in a single line spacing with the first line to left and other lines 1 cm from inside.

- Appendices should be included after bibliography section.

- Full text of paper should not exceed 40 pages.

-In preparation of paper, scientific writing rules should be followed in other subjects which are not mentioned here.

- Papers will be sent online at