Call For Papers

Call for Papers 


With the cooperation of Çankırı Kara Tekin University and İLMAR (Scientific and Methodological Research Center) between 2-3 November 2023 at Çankırı, “2. The International Council on the Reconstruction of the Branches of Science from the Light of Tawhidi Thought” will be held.

In this Council, where we will hold the Second International on an international scale, within the framework of the joint cooperation of a university and a non-governmental organization on the subject of unity in Türkiye; “AFTER THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE COMMON KNOWLEDGE GENERATION METHOD of Islam/Turkish-Islamic Civilization through Tawhid, Tawhid Method and Tawhidi Thought method;

- Ensuring the formation of knowledge within the framework of academic measures and methods of both the construction of the NATIONAL SOCIAL and HUMAN SCIENCES SYSTEM of the Islamic/Turkish-Islamic Civilization,

- In this Second International Unity of Thought Council, which will be held for all branches of science, as well as for the Construction of the Turkish-Islamic National Social Philosophy and the Construction of the National Thought System;

For the construction of Turkey in the "New Century", that is, the "New Turkish Century", it is necessary to establish the knowledge system of the scientific tradition based on the understanding of "Unity of Thought", which is its own original thought system. However, in the last two centuries (during the 19th and 20th centuries), Turkey´s ability to think and reason according to its own civilizational values has been confronted with the attitudes of "freezing/stopping, forgetting and being forgotten". On the other hand, in this period, all branches of science were created with the understanding of social thought of the modern West. Thus, Türkiye, dependent on the tradition of science based on modernist social thought; With an "imitative" and "transformative" mentality and thought system, he created the "science production" style, "thinking person", "institutional structuring and operating setup and information system".

In order to present a new perspective on the current situation in our country through a deeply original scientific method, this second international-scale COUNCIL will be held with the aim of "constructing" and "revitalizing" the Islamic/Turkish-Islamic world against modern Western thought.

According to this, the council, on all subjects (philosophy, sociology, psychology, history/philosophy, politics, economics, theology, economics…), including primarily the social/social fields of the Islamic/Turkish-Islamic world, as well as science, positive sciences, health and engineering sciences. It aims to produce knowledge with the "Constituent Concept" and "Thought System" developed over the understanding of "Unity of Thought" for the fields and their sub-scientific branches, and to form the basis for the creation of the original "Islamic/Turkish-Islamic Social and Human Sciences System". . In a way, it includes the re-formation of the activity of producing original scientific knowledge in all branches of science.

With this Council, the first step of re-creating sciences, branches of science and their sub-branches with a scientific method in our time will be carried out, based on the "Method of Producing Thought and Knowledge Based on Tawhid Conception of Thought", which is the original method of producing knowledge of the Islamic/Turkish-Islamic civilization.

In addition to the original academic contributions of SHURA to our civilization and our country; It can be thought that it will pave the way for producing one´s own native knowledge in the near, medium and long term in terms of discussing all these issues from a scientific point of view based on the conceptual framework of "Tawhid Thought" and the understanding of "Tawhid Thought Method", creating the opportunity to discuss and produce original knowledge.

The views to be put forward at the Council will not only be limited to our country, relevant academic institutions or the Muslim world, but will also have the quality of opening a new window, perspective or offering an alternative to humanity all over the world, especially the West. Therefore, on the basis of the Method of Thought and the Building of the Thought System set forth in this Council, it is an original proposal for today´s humanity and civilizations.

This international council, which will be instrumental in bringing together valuable scientists and researchers of our universities, who are interested in the subject in this aspect; It is expected to contribute to the production of original knowledge and to offer new perspectives to the world of science.

Papers can also be presented in Turkish, English and Arabic at the SHURA.

Participants who will present their papers in our Council from abroad can present their papers online, as well as those who will present their papers from within the country, unless otherwise stated.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Prof. Dr. Osman Simsek

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Chairman of the Board of İLMAR




Abstract Submission Deadline: September 22, 2023

Acceptance Notification: September 25, 2023

Full Paper Submission Deadline: October 25, 2023

Council date: November 2-3, 2023


Adress: Çankırı Karatekin University, Çankırı


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