Call For Papers

Call for Papers 


With cooperation of  Kırşehir Ahi Evran University and İLMAR (Center of Scientific and Methodological Research), " RECONSTRUCTION OF KNOWLEDGE IN THE LIGHT OF TAVHID THOUGHT INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL/SHURA" will be held in Kırşehir  between 1-2 December 2022.

Within framework of “Information - Founding Thought Method - Power of Civilization” interaction, every civilization provides external conditions of supremacy to other civilizations with fields of science which has established through its own unique knowledge method. Scientific method understanding of “Tavhid Thought” also possesses both external and internal information integrity that appeals to all times of Islamic civilization. Islamic civilization, founding knowledge understanding and its knowledge method, which enabled domination of world in active politics in three continents, which are based on “Tavhid Thought” between 7th and 19th centuries.

After 19th century in Ottoman Empire and Turkey forgot “Tavhid Thought” with orientalism,  westernism, positivism,  occidentalism´s influence. Therefore “method of building knowledge of Tavhid Thought”, which was based on our Messanger Muhammed (saas), is knowledge and method understanding of founding knowledge of civilization, It has feature of “establishing a new balance order” against concepts of modernity and postmodernity that maximize exploitation, injustice, cruelty and injustice. At this point;

- Recognizing both deep scientific method structure of understanding of Tavhid Thought,

- Responding to understanding of modernity and postmodernity in context of having knowledge of community-building ideas and methods,

- To demonstrate that it has ability to establish an original social system with a scientific method and perspective,

- To reveal balance-making quality of the society in terms of developmental and commercial justice to social structures formed depending on all times and all technological levels,

With positivist / Hermonotic liberal-capitalist model caused injustice, cruelty and inequalities of World.   There is a need for knowledge building method of Tavhid. In order to meet this need, " RECONSTRUCTION OF KNOWLEDGE IN THE LIGHT OF TAVHID THOUGHT INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL/SHURA" will be held in Kırşehir In the Islamic Belief, Tavhid will be continue as much as apocalypse. Tavhid/Tevhid, think has a unique content at all times in terms of its understanding of knowledge. By incorporating new developments in accordance with its core, it always has a progressive presentation in every field. In this respect, besides seeing as subject of faith, it is a way of living, and includes a way of living that covers all areas of practice. In this respect, monotheism needs to be handled within a framework that covers all branches of knowledge.

After the 19th century, Islamic world and in Turkey, knowledge method Tavhid Thought have gradually eliminated by orientalism, positivism, oxidantalism and westernizing jacobism. As a result of this, “obscurantism”, which is stated as “not knowing” to produce information according to its own truth, has been turned into main problem of Turkey. With an “imitative” and “transponder” mentality; It has formed “knowledge production”, “thinking people”, “society” and “institutional structuring and their functioning setup”.

Despite the current situation in our country, this council/shura, which will be held for the first time on an international scale in cooperation with a University and a non-governmental organization, will be carried out for the purpose of "rebuilding" Turkish-Islamic world against the modern Western thought and for its own unique structure. Accordingly, this International Council/Shura ; In all subjects including social fields of the Turkish-Islamic world (philosophy, sociology, history, philosophy, politics, economics, theology, education ...), knowledge and positive science, health and engineering science. It aims to provide a basis for production of information based on “Tavhid Thought” approach regarding its fields and their sub-sciences. In a sense, it includes activity of producing scientific knowledge.

With this “International Council/Shura”, one of first steps of reconstructing knowledge and sub-branches of knowledge based on “Tavhid Thought”, which is original method of producing knowledge of Turkish-Islamic civilization will be realized.

In addition to above-mentioned issues in context of the contributions, “International Council/Shura” will be ensured opportunity to deal with all these issues from a deep knowledge perspective based on “Tavhid Thought” to our civilization and our country for discussing and to producing original information. Thus it can be thought open way to produce its own local knowledge.

“International Council/Shura” will not only be limited to our country, related academic institutions or  Muslim world, but will also open a new perspective humanity all over the world, especially Western country. In this respect, “International Council/Shura” is presenting an offer to humanity through tradition of “Tavhid Thought”.

From this aspect, this “International Council/Shura”, which will be instrumental in bringing together valuable scholars and researchers of our universities, who are interested in subject; It is expected contribute to production of information and to offer new perspectives.

Papers can be presented in Turkish or English at the Council/Shura, and the participants who will present their Papers from Abroad in our  Council/ Shura  will be able to present their papers in the  Council/ Shura as INTERNAL. Participants who will present papers from within the country are required to present their papers FACE to FACE, unless otherwise stated.



                                                                                                                                                                                    Professor Osman Şimşek

                                                                                                                                                                                  İLMAR’s Chairman of Board




Abstract Submission Deadline: November 1, 2022

Acceptance Notification: November 5, 2022

Full Paper Submission Deadline: November 25, 2022

Council date: December 1-2, 2022


Adress: Kırşehir Ahi Evran Üniversitesi, Kırşehir


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